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Summer of Bread

When it comes to bread, you can’t be impatient. Bread takes time, it

refuses to join the fast lane, and that’s the way we like it. Our skilled

bakers work throughout the night sculpting dough in to loaves, coaxing

it to rise & grow before baking until golden brown.

It might not be fast food, but it’s great food!


Bread is a great source of fibre and calcium and is low in fat, salt and

sugar. It's extremely versatile and is used for sandwiches, toast, served

with soups, stews & curries and occasionally when the sun shines, is king

when you need something for your bangers and burgers.


Bread is anything but boring and you'll find a great selection at the

bakery and as we finally head in to the warmer months our

#summerofbread promotion is back featuring a fantastic selection of

loaves and rolls created especially and available every Thursday

through Saturday. Each week pop in and see or try what's on special,

could it be Donker, Pia Do, Brioche, Cranberry & Aricot, Ciabatta,

or Focaccia to name a few.