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Three steps to leaven! Sour, Flour, Water

Our recipe for great bread,  Is time….

When it comes to sour bread, you can’t be impatient. Sour bread takes time, it refuses to join the fast lane, and that’s the way we like it.  We create our Sour Dough bread using a naturally occurring yeast which is long fermented to produce “sour dough”. This can take up to three days to make. This is bread as it was, nothing more, nothing less.

Baked fresh every day right there in our micro bakery at Thatcham*, our sour dough is packed with delicious flavour, baked with a thick chewy crust and open textured crumb.

This is unadulterated bread created by artisans which takes time to perfect, what you add to it is up to you!

It might not be fast food, but it’s great food!



*Sour dough bread only available at The Indulgent Baker Thatcham