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We’re very proud of our heritage and one of the things that our traditional bakery in renowned for are our buns. We have a great selection to choose from and introduce guest lines throughout the year to compliment the range, but April is looking like a Bun Bonanza for all of you who like to tuck in to a sweet dough treat.

This month see’s the return of the Devonshire Split. A soft white bun, cut and filled with jam and our signature imitation cream before being covered with a cascade of icing sugar. April also sees us produce for one day only our St Georges Day jam filled buns on the 23rd.  Add to that the huge selection of other buns including our zesty lemon & fruit Belgian buns, Traditional Bath buns, original white iced finger fruit bun and children’s favourite pink iced bun, there truly is, something for everyone.

But there’s just a couple left to go that’s quintessentially British, the tea cake, the currant bun and of course Lardy Cake are all available too.