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Have a cracking good Easter!

Easter has become somewhat renowned for Easter eggs and the copious amounts of chocolate, and although you'll find chocolate used in our recipes, you'll also find a huge selction of other tasty treats.

Hop in and take a look around. We have ginger oat ducks, shortbread bunnies, fun themed cupcakes and customer favourite, spicy fruit biscuits to name a few. But if you can't resist the temptation of chocolate, then look no further than our two indulgent family cake creations. First up is the classic combination, chocolate & orange Halo. A beautifully moist chocolate sponge infused with orange and drizzled with chocolate fudge icing. Or maybe you'll prefer our cute Bunny carrot patch inspired cho0colate gateuax. Deep layers of chocolate creme cake, finished with chocolate butter cream and decorated with Bunny digging in a carrot patch.